Aloe Vera For Your Health and Skin Care

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The Aloe genus although is most common in the continent of Africa, is now available all over the world in the form of some household species. This plant has several medicinal and also skin and body care qualities which makes it really useful.

The most basic of the uses of this genus is its healing qualities. It is used both internally as well as externally to cure several illnesses. Aloe can be externally applied on the skin to cure allergies and injuries. Also, aloe may be used to counter ulcers and burns. Furthermore it helps to counter the effect of poison. According to research it has been found out that aloe juice can be dried into a powder and that can be used to cure several ailments.

Aloe can be also used to get rid of small ailments like coughs, muscular pain and headache. It must be noted however that this plant is also used for treatment of serious diseases like HIV as well as cancer.

In terms of nutrients, Aloe contains a number of vitamins and minerals which assist its healing qualities. Aloe also has several enzymes, amino compounds needed for our body. Furthermore it also works as an anti inflammatory as well as anti bacterial agent for various uses. Aloe also inculcates in us a huge amount of energy due to the huge amount of polysaccharides which are present in them.

One of the key benefits of Aloe Vera is in its action on skin allergies and burns. It is one of the most popular remedies which are used by herbal specialists around the world. Aloe Gel can be applied on the skin, and Aloe powder is often put into capsules for instance the Aloe ride which is available in the market. Aloe gel can also be applied to cure cases of dandruff.

Diabetes which is a major ailment plaguing a large number of people, can also be tackled by plants like the Aloe Vera. Digestive problems are also cured with the help of capsules which Aloe powder in them.

However Aloe Vera most primary and popular use is in the skin care and beauty industry which uses Aloe in several skin care products. Aloe gel, juice and oils are used in cosmetics because of its benefits on skin. Aloe has tremendous cell regeneration capabilities and repair of damaged tissues. In fact most people use Aloe in their cosmetics because it is the only thing which they know about. The benefits of Aloe in skin care are numerous.

Health and Skin Care For Humidity in Your House

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ou may think that the only hassle with humidity is your hair frizzing or living in an uncomfortable climate. However, humidity can cause more problems than ruining a good hair day or making you feel hot and sticky. The excess water vapor in the air can cause health and skin problems. Humidity isn’t just an outside weather factor either, and your house also has a humidity level. The humidity in your house not only affects your skin but also your health. Humidity under 30% is considered unhealthy to live in, and many people may be suffering from low humidity and not even know the simple fix. Here are some ways to fix the humidity levels and ways to care for your skin, health, and house.

High humidity causes damage to your skin and house. It can lead to rotting or molding in the house, but luckily our bodies don’t do the same. You will notice, however, excessive sweating or very oily skin. The reason your skin becomes oily is because high humidity levels makes your sweat glands work harder. The high levels in your house will cause internal damage and you will see the affects of it in the interior part of your house. Mold can become a major issue which is detrimental to your health. Also, the excess water vapor will cause your walls to become stained with the water. You may also notice that either the wallpaper or paint might begin to peel away from the wall.

It is easier to fix a low humidity problem rather than high levels, but it can still be manageable. To fix the high level in your house or if you live in high humid areas, you should install exhaust fans. This will help to keep some of the moisture out. You can also install a dehumidifier on your thermostat that controls the air condition and heating for your house. For skin care, be sure to use oil free make up when possible so you aren’t doubling the amount of oil on your skin. Sweat can’t really be stopped, but if you can control the humidity in your home you may not sweat as much. Also, wash your face regularly with natural skin care products to clean out oily pores and skin.

Low humidity causes double damage to both your health and your house. The low levels of water vapor can cause structural damage to your house, and you may start to notice cracks in the walls or. Your skin is like the walls of your body, and the skin on your hands can crack and bleed just like the walls in your house. Low humidity can also produce more dust around your house which can lead to asthma, allergic reactions, dust mites, or trouble breathing. One of the most common types of allergic reactions is caused by dust mites that can lead to excessive sneezing, hives, or irritated skin.

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